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Defend colonists and eliminate attackers in this classic side-scrolling shooter. Have fun blasting enemies while playing this exciting 2D, retro, 8 Bit, action, arcade, shoot 'em up. Go for a new high-score while enjoying the pixel art sprites in this retro, single-player, sci-fi, bullet hell, shooter.


Fly in your very own Defender spacecraft!


Use skill to avoid becoming a casualty of war!

Defend the colonists from the evil menace!

Take the fight to space where nobody can hear them scream!

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, 8-Bit, Arcade, Remake, Retro, Sci-fi, Side Scroller, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour

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Defender v1.2.0.exe 5 MB

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Really cool game PJimmyB i really hope you can select other space crafts before you start the misson. And also i would really like to see a mini map up top of the screen or something!

:D *wink wink*

Nice game!  A bit slower and easier than I remember the original being, but that's no bad thing as I was terrible at the original.  I liked the starfield - 4 layers of parallax?  Gave a really good feeling of depth.

I kind of missed being able to flip horizontal direction but it just made the game style slight different.  Will definitely keep tabs on this project!

Thanks CaptainD for your comment. You are right about it being slower and easier than the original and as I am new to making games I couldn't figure out how to flip the horizontal direction [the Scanner!]. But, I didn't want to give up because of that. The parallax varies from one to four layers of stars. You have a good eye for the the parallax view!

I have been working on my own version of Defender named  "T A U S L E R" . I made all new sprites, backgrounds and sounds and added many more dynamic items of interest to add to the gameplay fun.  The humans at the bottom are much more dynamic and involved in Tausler. I added many new ships and generally made it more of a fun experience than the old Defender manic experience [which I really used to love back in the day].  I haven't released Tausler yet because I really want it to be as awesome as I can make it for its debut! I will try to upload some images of Tausler soon and I would appreciate your comments.

Thanks again for your kind words.

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Defender v1.2.0 is now ready for download.

New features include:



-Improved Gameplay

 This is a good effort and is interesting to say the least, however, I do have a couple problems with it.

  The game really lacks any sort of inspiration. I guess the original playstyle for Defender was too hard and you sort of gave up and used the arrow keys, sacrificing what made Defender fun and making it an autoscroller. No smartbombs or Hyperspace to be found either.

  Your planet doesn't explode and send you to space when all your humanoids die; making the only consequence for letting humanoids die is losing points. This wasn't enough to stop me from just letting them get captured and shooting the mutants for more points. 

  Having the Williams logo as the thumbnail led me to expect either a sub-par Defender remake or an improved reimagination of the game. I had a good laugh, but in the end, I was a bit disappointed.

  For the record, a more true Defender experience (while a bit limited to what such an elementary engine can perform,) has been made in MIT Scratch Defender in Scratch but as I see things right now, this isn't the aim for the current release.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.  I agree. Please check back soon for the new update.